Jackpot Flakes Slime Color

Tropical Teal Slime Pigment Powder

Peach Heart Flakes Slime Color

Brass Slime Pigment Powder

Neon Green Slime Pigment Powder

Gold Star Flakes Slime Color

Crushed Gold Leaf Flakes Slime Color

This happens to be one of the cheapest ways to make your slime. You can make a batch of slime then once you have it already prepared, you can add some rock salt in it to make it crunchy. You can either use the naturally occurring rock salt or you could go for the colored…
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Light Pink Heart Flakes

Nail art supplies can make excellent add ins for slime. The same style used in nail art can be incorporated in the decoration of slime. Nail art crystals of different shapes, whether squared, oval, triangular or circular in 3D can be included in the creation of slime as well. Nail art crystals can also be…
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